About Us

An Act that reflects Art. That's how the Artact came into existence. Artact act as a mirror that provides an exploration of how you can think out of the box and you can see your thought to come into reality. We do not just customize based on our skills and aesthetics but it is an invitation to every individual to bring all your imaginations to the table and you can see them becoming reality. It is to keep you closer to your dreams and makes you more familiar with your space and perspective towards your art.

What We Do

Our analysis of each new project leads to a stimulating challenge to which we apply our skills. We enhance the challenge of understanding the client's needs, budget, and goals to provide the best possible solution and cost-efficient. We don't constraint ourselves to any particular material and process, We Strive to cater to all different and out-of-proportion ideas and enlivened to work around multiple materials and processes whether it is to any Metal, Fabric, FRP, wood, or mix media. We stirred to work around in serving unique developments.


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